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Law Clinic "Legal Aid" law faculty of Kharkiv National University. VN Karazin (hereinafter - Clinic) was established in September 2006 on the initiative of teachers and law students. Its activity is aimed at the general social problem - the elimination of legal nihilism among the population, provision of free legal protection of the poor, professional development of graduates of law faculties, promoting the introduction of modern methods of education with a combination of theoretical and practical skills elaborated on a specific issue (the so-called interactive teaching methods), the formation of a new generation of lawyers focused on society. The immediate objective of this project is to provide free legal assistance to citizens and public associations (social and task-oriented) and practical training of law students to the profession, the formation of understanding of the social importance of the legal profession (professional-oriented tasks).Legal Clinic provides free legal assistance on the following issues:legal issues in criminal, civil, family, housing, employment and social security law;problems of medical relationships;protection of foreigners.Work is done by student interns under the guidance of teachers, supervisors. Management Clinic provides the director appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Law Faculty of the number of teachers.During the clinic in the office are 3.6 students and 1 supervisor. Working with clients is conducted in 3 stages:Stage 1 - the client application in clinic, discussing his case, the issue regarding the possibility of resolving the members of the clinic, a repeat meeting.Stage 2 - The settlement of the case the client, discuss it with the supervisor, in writing and provide visa (permit), supervisor of counseling clients.Step 3 - re-work with the client, which is to provide legal advice on his case and emerging issues. If necessary steps are repeated.Within the clinic has three sections:section of general legal direction;section of medical law;section advising on the rights of foreign nationals.Students who participated in the consultations expressed a desire to describe the legal problems they solved, students in scientific papers published in journals like the university, and in publications nationwide importance (eg in the "Legal Advisor").To work effectively in a legal clinic and students was developed Textbook "Fundamentals of legal clinics in Ukraine."Members of the clinic is actively cooperating with the Kharkiv regional office of the Lawyers Association of Ukraine, participating in scientific and practical events organized by this Association, and activities conducted by the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine.