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Dear friends!

The law profession is not less responsible than the medical profession and is closely intertwined with the concept of justice. Despite the famous saying " to err is human ," a lawyer is not entitled to a mistake, because its effects can be maimed fate, emotional wounds, loss of liberty , health and even life . Feature of legal practice is that "the method of trial and error " for her unacceptable . Decisions on any legal matter to be deeply thoughtful, thoroughly considered, and the main prerequisite for such decisions is quality training lawyers.

Choosing a specialty "Law", you will be able to achieve its potential , as your future profession is always in demand in many areas . Being in law school at our university , you will receive quality , prestigious education that will allow you to become not only high paid jobs, but also take a leading position in public life.

So you have a unique opportunity to become a member of our faculty life, an accomplice of the educational process within the walls of our school, a member of a large family, whose name - YURFAK Kharkov National University of VN Karazin!

Seven years of the renewed faculty - the term is small. But even in such a short time we were able to prove that we have the right to life. We managed to achieve the main goal - not only restore the structure of classical European education at the University, but also to regain the name.

We solve problems together, together we move forward, step by step infuses faculty life meaning, because we combine the idea of ??consolidating and goals!

Dean of the Faculty of Law

Т.Y. Kaganovska